Cat In Spats

Musings from a cat in spats (it is really hard to hold a pencil this way, and don't get me started on typing).

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mrsstarlord asked: Hi, I'm a new but already big fan of your art, especially the piece of Groot and Rocket. I was just wondering if you'd consider making it a print on deviantart or something because I'd love to have it on my wall.

Hi mrsstarlord (you lucky lady) I have decided to go ahead and do as you ask and make it a print on Society6!

So it is available there if you (or anyone else) is interested!


Also if anyone is interested the original painting is also available should they wish to buy that. <3

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Anonymous asked: Omg you're late to the supernatural party too *high five* (though you're probably earlier than I am I just started s4) lets be friends in fashionable late-ness

Lol. Omg. *high five* I mostly started watching because of tumblr and Misha Collins and the amount of time it took for him to show up … all the waiting.  So much waiting.  I was like ‘wait but tumblr says … and then not till season four?!